Satisfying Desk Toy - ItFlips
Satisfying Desk Toy - ItFlips
Satisfying Desk Toy - ItFlips
Satisfying Desk Toy - ItFlips
Satisfying Desk Toy - ItFlips
Satisfying Desk Toy - ItFlips

Satisfying Desk Toy

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Say goodbye to the old fidget spinners that only perform one single function and instead, let’s usher in a new type of fidget toy that improves your motor skills and brings endless hours of fidgeting each and every day. itFlips is the newest fidget toy that doubles as a desk toy – perfect for those boring days at school, or when you’re at home watching TV! 

Shipping takes 5-10 business days to arrive. Most of the time our product will arrive a lot quicker, but we want you to be aware this is out of our control! We ship worldwide, so you can shop with us wherever you are!

Learn Tricks


Trick that demand impeccable reflex!

"Air Time"

Flick up your itFlip while it’s moving to throw it in the air!

"Under Flip"

Spin your itFlip by holding it diagonally with one hand and flick it with the other!

What Is It?

ItFlip is a simple fidget toy that you can flip, roll, and flop all day long. Play with it at school, keep it in your car, throw it in your school bag, and leave it on your desk at home. It’s satisfying, pleasurable, and fun! And most importantly, it’s so easy to use, you won’t even have to think about it. 

Watch in awe as ItFlip magically flips, rolls, and falls on any surface all with a single motion. But that’s not all! 

Quality Materials Make For A Quality Experience

For us, nothing is more important than ensuring that our products are strong, durable, and most importantly, visually appealing. Each and every It Flips is made from a high quality aluminum alloy to ensure that it holds its quality – even after hundreds of flips. From there, you can choose from two unique finishes, silver and gold, to match your office vibe.

With ItFlip, you have two unique shapes to choose from – hex and quad. From there, your flipping options grow and expand like never before! Each product is entirely different, because it gives your fingers more surfaces to touch and play with. 

Don’t forget about the polished and smooth metallic finish, which makes flipping easy, seamless, and tactile. Watch in awe as ItFlip gently rolls off of your fingertips.

Build Your Motor Skills

Remember, building your motor skills takes time, dedication, and practice – but with itFlip, it can come easier than ever before. By fidgeting, flipping, rolling, and flopping all day long, you’ll be building your fine motor skills all at the same time.